Friday, June 22, 2012

Nighttime, Anytime...A Camping Program

I am always thinking about my book, When You Are Camping,  and different programming that I can bring to schools and library groups featuring this story.  I am not sure why it took me so long to find Divya Srinivasan's Little Owl's Night, but I am certainly glad that I did!  I have seen Little Owl's Night on amazon and other book sites a lot.  Little Owl's big, big eyes on the cover are pretty compelling, but I often suspect a sharp, stylized cover of disguising a book that is all graphics, and little substance.  Happily, Little Owl is attractive, lovable, and teachable from beginning to end.  A perfect pair for When You Are Camping, and the inspiration for a great daytime/nighttime themed program for 4-8 year olds.

When You Are Camping by Anne Lee

Discussion Questions
What animals or insects did Tilly and Hazel see in the story?
Think about a time that you were camping or outside.  Did you see any animals or insects that weren't in the story?
Hazel and Tilly go to bed in their tent at the end of the day.  What animals might they hear out in the woods?

Little Owl's Big Night by Divya Srinivasan

Here are some activities that will build vocabulary, math, and science skills

Create cut outs or models of different animals.  Ask children whether they would see each animal active at night or during the day?  On a board create two sides, one for diurnal animals and one for nocturnal animals.  Children can take turns putting each animal on the board under the appropriate classification.

In what other ways could we group these animals?  What characteristics to some animals have in common, e.g. Creatures that fly, animals that live in trees vs underground, herbivores vs omnivores vs carnivores.  

Play the sounds of different animals/insects at night--crickets, cicadas, owls, a loon, a raccoon.  Turn off the lights for some ambience, and ask children to identify each sound.

Craft a paper campfire, and gather your audience around for a snack and a ghost story...or sing a campfire song.


Three little nests all in a row
Make a bed for Little Owl.  Here is a whimsical craft for young children.

My daughter's nest comes with eggs and a mommy eagle
Brown paper lunch bags will make a nice base for a nest.  Roll them over or cut them and fringe them.  Give children shreds of yarn, rafia, straw, shredded paper, etc to glue inside and out to create a "nest."  Have a supply of fabric and felt scraps for children to make into baby owl-sixed beds.  Depending on everyone's patience-level pillows can be made with cotton balls in felt scraps and a staple or hot glue.  Fabric can be decorated with designs to make a quilt.  Draw Little Owl, outline him in black, and make copies on card stock.  Each child can get a Little Owl to cut out and put to bed.
Blog, Sunflower Storytime, has an adorable rhyme and flannel board about owls and some additional book suggestions if you want to run with the owl thing.

                                                          HoOOOOot, HoOOOOot!

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