Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soup 's On!

Brrrr....It's soup weather out there!  Stone Soup is one of my favorite stories for this time of year.  Yes, it's about soup (an obvious cold weather tie-in) but it's also about sharing and generosity--two things you can't talk about enough this time of year when little minds are working overtime on what they are going to GET rather than what they are going to GIVE.

Jon J. Muth's version of Stone Soup is especially lovely.  "Stone Soup" is traditionally a European folktale, but Muth sets his story in China, and his watercolor scenes seem to fade in and out of a drifting mountain fog.

In keeping with non-western images, and running with important holiday themes, open up a copy of Bee Bim Bop by Linda Sue Park and Ho Baek Lee.  Written for preschoolers, it's nonetheless an interesting story for older children and a very accessible introduction to a Korean family and the Korean speciality Bee Bim Bop.  Yum!  You'll be inspired to throw your usual holiday meals a curve after reading this book together.

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