Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Festival of Lights

Our friend invited us to celebrate St. Lucia's Day yesterday.  Whether St. Lucia brought food to starving people during a famine, or to people in hiding beneath a city, it is her crown of candles--a gift of light and food-- that persists through all the legends.  Next week, we will celebrate Hanukah and the miraculous light that burned night after night after night.  Winter solstice is right around the corner--the shortest day of the year--when we look forward to the return of the sun and warmer, brighter days.   No matter what tradition you prefer, celebrate the light this season!

Winter is the Warmest Season, by Lauren Stringer salutes mittens, hot chocolate, toasted sandwiches, and candles...wonderful things that keep us warm on the very darkest, coldest days.  Stringer's book is a lovely read, and invites you and your family or friends to make a list of those things that warm up your winter season.

Make a St. Lucia Crown....our friend helped us make crowns out of strips of brown paper bag.  A few green leaves were glued to the crown, brown paper candles were glued on, and precut yellow or orange flames were glued to the candles.  A perfect 10-15 minute craft for any age.  Or you can get a little fancy with :

Make a Mennorah.  Crayola has an adorable and unique handprint craft.  I love looking back at my daughter's little prints over the years!

Celebrate the setting sun (or the breaking dawn) with watercolors and pastels.  On any color paper, use white pastels to draw a snowy landscape (and a rising moon).  Using red, orange, pink, and lavendar watercolors illuminate your drawing.  A little glitter will really capture the sparkle of this special winter day.

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