Friday, October 7, 2011

Done with Diapers by Rebecca O'Connell

A Special Post from children's and YA author Rebecca O'Connell,

When my son was two years old, his babysitter taught him to aim at a goldfish cracker she had placed in the potty. Genius!
That was the second best potty training strategy I ever learned. The first was… Reading.
Not just reading on the potty—although that is great—but reading potty-themed picture books together all the time, at storytime, at bedtime, on a playdate…
Enjoying potty books together enhances potty learning in many ways.

It lets toddlers identify with other boys and girls who use the potty.

It helps toddlers understand the concepts and vocabulary of using the potty.

It makes potty learning a familiar, pleasant topic, rather than a challenging task to be mastered.

Mixing a few potty books in with the general selection of books at home, in the classroom, or in the diaper bag offers a great opportunity for toddlers and their grown-ups to read and talk and think about using the potty.

Here are a few good choices:

Danny Is Done with Diapers, by Rebecca O’Connell, illustrated by Amanda Gulliver, shows dozens of happy children, delighted to be dry. Each letter of the alphabet introduces a potty concept, as well as a child who knows all about it. Toddlers want to be just like their friends in the book, done with diapers—Hooray!

Dinosaur vs the Potty by Bob Shea. Dinosaur ought to use the potty. It’s obvious he has to go, but still he resists. Children can feel experienced and wise in the ways of potty-using. They know when it is time to use the potty!

A Glorious Day by Amy Schwartz is only a teeny tiny bit about potty training, but that is what makes this such a wonderful book to share with a potty learner. Henry is enjoying a glorious day, hanging out with his mom and his neighbors, when his mom complements neighbor Peter’s lovely underpants. (Peter is just a little bit older than Henry.) Underpants, not diapers! Something for Henry—and the young people enjoying this book—to look forward to too.

Even Fire Fighters Go to the Potty by Wendy and Naomi Wax, illustrated by Stephen Gilpin. Let’s be honest. We’ve all wondered, does everybody go to the potty? Absolutely everybody? Even firefighters? Even veterinarians? Even major league ball players?

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