Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seasonal Magic

It's still hot, but the seasons are definitely changing here in Pittsburgh.  The groundhog is so fat, he can barely fit in his hole.  The squirrels are acting especially squirrelly.  There are even a few leaves changing color.  It's a perfect time to start reading and talking about the seasons...the seasons we've enjoyed this year, and the seasons we have to look forward to!

Below is a family program that will suit different ages and different situations. Mo Willems' book, "City Dog, Country Frog," in particular will captivate your audience regardless of age, and this is perfect read aloud for those times when you are likely to be entertaining children, siblings, parents, and caregivers of any and all ages.  Everything Mr. Willems touches seems to turn to gold.  A far cry from his crazed pigeon and much more sad and profound than his hysterical Piggie and Elephant, this 2010 title tells the story of changing seasons, a frog's life, and a frog's best friend (the dog).  This story is pure magic, as are Muth's watercolor illustrations.  I especially find myself meditating over his blue and amber winter scenes.  Read this story, and sit back and relish the appreciative silence at its conclusion.


A Kitten TaleA Kitten Tale, by Eric Rohmann

Tree For All Seasons A Tree for All Seasons, by Robin Bernard

City Dog, Country Frog City Dog, Country Frog, by Mo Willems, illustrated by John J Muth

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