Friday, August 5, 2011

Treasur Hunting Tales

It seems like everyone we know is heading to the beach one last time before the summer ends.  Everyone loves to talk about the beach, think about the beach, or paint/draw the beach.  There are so many great books out there about the beach/seashore/ocean it's hard to pick two or three for a story time.  Librarians could spend the entire summer doing nothing but beach-themed programs!  Below is one story time theme that you and your preschooler or kindergartener will enjoy.

No matter what "theme" you choose for your beach story times,  I hope you'll use Serafini's "Looking Closely Along the Shore."  A 2011 follow up to his "Looking Closely Around the Pond," Serafini's informational texts are awesome for any age, and any kind of program.  The images are big, bold, succinct, but still beautiful.  They are bold enough to use with a one-year old, or a room full of 5-year olds.  Text is simple without talking down to young (or not so young readers), and the guessing game aspect automatically generates a good dialogue and reader participation.  Enjoy your treasure hunt!


Pig KahunaPig Kahuna by Jennifer Sattler 


Down Under The Sea (Tune: Home on the Range)

Down under the sea, 

Where the dolphins swim free, 
And the sand and the sea grasses sway, 
Where the starfish shine bright, 
And the dog fish don't bite, 
I ride my seahorse all day.

Down under the sea, 
Where the whales sing and dive deep, 
We chase and rope sharks, 
Until it gets dark, 
When the waves gently rock us to sleep.

Down under the sea, 
My seahorse takes me, 
On a ride through coral and caves. 
We round up fish there, 
Rescue mermaids so fair, 
My seahorse and I are quite brave!

(repeat chorus)
Courtesy of  There are a number of fun and fishy finger plays and rhymes here.  Enjoy!

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea

OR.... Hush Little Beachcomber by Dianne Moritz Hush Little Beachcomber

Looking Closely Along the Shore by Frank Serafini...Looking Closely along the Shore
Enjoy this wonderful non-fiction book and learn about the real treasurers waiting to be discovered along the shore.

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